How your course is delivered

Our courses start developing your English speaking skills actively by incorporating real life business situations and discussions. All activities and tasks are related directly to your profession and personal business needs focusing on relevant vocabulary, phrases and terminology.




If you need English to negotiate an agreement, present company finances, small talk and socialise with a clients, or having more meetings in English, then you need one to one coaching.

Our one to one coaching course focuses on essential business skills you need when communicating in English in a global business environment. The goal is to provide you with English language skills that ensures you never have to hesitate in that all important meeting, negotiation or social situation.

Your course

Focusing on your business area or specific skill, we start developing your language skills by coaching you on the key vocabulary and phrases you need.

The course is delivered by a native English speaker giving you maximum exposure to how native speakers use English in different business and social situations. The course also incorporates discussions, simulations and video files which will develop your language listening and speaking skills.

Your goal is to develop you English so that you become an effective communicator when speaking English in any situation you find yourself in.

For a free language consultation call now on 08-400 200 89 and I'll be happy to discuss your specific needs and course content.