I have been the pedagogical manager and senior business language consultant for one of the world's largest language providers based in Stockholm for over five years. My twelve years business background from the UK is integrated into delivering effective business language courses covering a number of professions. These include Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance, Law and Customer Service. Having worked with a broad range of clients such as CEO's, senior managers and their teams, I have identified their unique requirements and successfully delivered customised courses according to their needs. 

I appreciate that speaking English in different situations can sometimes be intimidating when you feel insecure expressing yourself clearly and accurately. Learning and mastering a language is a process and SpeakEnglish will take you through the necessary steps to take your language to the next level.  As a native English speaker and fully immersed into Swedish society both professionally and socially, I truly understand the cultural differences and limitations when trying to express yourself in English.


My philosophy is that learning a language is a journey, and I will guide you through process to communicate more effectively in English in an ever expanding global business environment. So, my ultimate goal is to make sure you feel secure and have the confidence to say exactly what you mean no matter what situation you find yourself in. You can be confident that the information you receive, learn and practice will be both culturally and structurally correct so, never need to be in doubt ever again.


The only true way to learn and master a language is to actively use it as much as you can; learning by doing. All activities are tailored to fully maximise your speaking time ensuring you are always engaged in the learning process.  New phrases and vocabulary are delivered using the most up to date material relating specifically to your profession and the skills you wish to improve. Using lively discussions, online resources plus integrating your own company material into the course will ensure that everything you learn is totally relevant to your unique situation.  

All courses are delivered 100% in English by a native British speaker with extensive business experience from both the UK and Sweden. You will get an in-depth cultural insight into how to use business English and just as important, improve your small talk skills at the same time.

Neal Samaroo

Neal Samaroo

Business English Coach