Speak English

Placement test

1. The rain was ____ down when I left work. 2. Would you prefer coffee or tea? 3. When do you exercise ? 4. My cousin is going to stay with John. 5. When can we see each other again? 6. Let's have lunch now. 7. I can't find my wallet anywhere. I ___ have left it at home. 8. When a truck pulled out in front of him, John did well not to ___ control of his car. 9. According to Jenny's ____ the invoice has been paid. 10. When you stay in Thailand for a long time you get used to their ___ of life. 11. The mechanics are ___ good progress with our car. 12. She now has a more positive ____ in her new job. 13. My sister ___ her new hairstyle for one month now. 14. What differences are there ___ ecological milk and non-ecological milk? 15. At 10 a.m. I started to get irritated with her because she was late ...... 16. ____ you pay the deposit on time, you'll receive the goods next week. 17. We have agreed to ____ the ice hockey team with new shirts . 18. I really enjoy films that are ____in the past. 19. The sofa bed will come in ____when we have guests staying with us. 20. Anyone ______ after the seminar has started is not allowed in until the break. 21. I didn't _____ staying the night so I decided to go home. 22. The teacher said that those prepared to _____ in cheating must be ready to suffer the consequences. 23. Tom seemed to take____regarding my comments about his design. 24. You should not have pets if you are not ____to look after it. 25. The cottage was so isolated that they had to generate their own electricity current ____

CEF Level: A1 CEF Level: A2 CEF Level: B1 CEF Level: B2 CEF Level: C1 CEF Level: C2

Note: This test only provides a general idea the level you might study at. Your final level will be confirmed at the start of the course.
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