How your course is delivered

Our courses start developing your English speaking skills actively by incorporating real life business situations and discussions. All activities and tasks are related directly to your profession and personal business needs focusing on relevant vocabulary, phrases and terminology.

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Your customised language course is designed to focus on your unique situation and needs.

By using your company material in your course for example, a company presentation, speech or business meeting, we identify and focus on the business terminology and cross cultural communication skills you need to communicate in English more effectively.

Professional English language coaching focused on preparing C-Level directors and senior managers in their unique situations. The course is customised and developed according to  your very specific needs and focuses fully on developing your language effectively and efficiently, especially when you only have a limited time to prepare.    If you have to deliver a speech to an international audience or have urgent business meetings, we will fully integrate your material directly into you course. We will create a real life environment in order to simulate your situation.  You will receive professional coaching from a native English business coach and start activating the specific language related to you situation. We will also focus on the cross cultural communication skills required to communicate more effectively in English ensuring  accuracy of the language used related to your field.

How your course is delivered

We coach you on structure, key business terminology and specific phrases so that you feel secure and confident when speaking English in your specific situation. Just as important, we provide essential advice on how to improve your the presentation or meeting style to ensure what you want to say is delivered accurately and professionally in English.

All aspects of your language will be fully covered by a native English language consultant with extensive business experience.

So, whether it's an urgent presentation in English, a senior level negotiation or even a job interview in English we will coach you to success.

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